Premiers "The Creator of Life" from THUNDERKRAFT's Totentanz

The exclusive premier of "The Creator of Life" from Ukrainian Industrial Folk Death Metal act THUNDERKRAFT is now streaming on


The song is taken from Totentanz, which will be released by Svarga Music worldwide, except Western Europe, on April 2nd. The Western European release follows on April 6th.  The sophomore effort sees the band going in a more experimental direction, combining the classical styles of Death and Black Metal with electronic music, folklore, epic and symphonic elements. The lyrics are written in Ukrainian, Russian and German and explore problems of mankind's relation to the past, ideas of greatness and boundless possibilities of the human spirit, and the strength of will and character. Cosmology concepts are also represented, albeit leaning toward the social aspects. Totentanz will be exclusively distributed by Code7/PHD (UK), Rock Inc (Benelux), and Twilight-Vertrieb (Austria, Germany, Switzerland).


Press feedback:

"A  fascinating, eclectic  musical  journey somewhat  unified  by  an  Eastern  European feel." 
Zero Tolerance


"With members of Astrofaes, Munruthel, and other Ukrainian alumni they've drawn upon a wide range of sounds to tread outside their normal proving grounds, and there's quite a lot to engage the ear." 
From the Dust Returned


"The album is definitely not a copycat of something existing to date, and pulls enough from multiple genres to start carving a niche of its own."
Metal Reviews


"This album is a victory achieved by a very different band from those found in the everyday panorama of modern metal. Thunderkraft aren't afraid to experiment and come off sounding totally unorthodox and different."
Riff Mag

"THUNDERKRAFT has joined the ranks of many past greats who have added a new dimension onto a sacred metal genre cow."
Scum Feast Metal


"If you find yourself looking for something different and don't mind that this Ukrainian act really does march to the beat of its own drummer then this is an album you must hear."
Metal Mark's Heavy Metal Time Machine


"Totentanz is a nice mixed bag of surprises. Good for fans of folk metal looking for something that sounds fresh and different from the usual folk metal releases."
Heavy Metal Tribune


"This is a great album and if you like dramatic, atmospheric metal with plenty of passion and ideas you need to check it out."
Ave Noctum








THUNDERKRAFT | 19.03.2012