SVYATOGOR "Doctor Veritas"

Style: Experimental Black Metal

Recorded: 2011

Released: 2012 (CD), 2013 (MC)

Avallable in our shop: Yes


3rd album of SVYATOGOR is a Death Black Metal with the unusual for this style arrangement, vocal parts and melodic fragments. The parts of the solo guitar cast the atmosphere of classical Heavy Metal and the saxophone gives the music Jazz and Art-rock tendencies – but with a solid Black Metal base.


1. Памяти мёртвых Героев [In Memory Of Fallen Heroes]
2. Word hard. Eat. Watch.
3. Манифест [The Manifesto]
4. Doctor Veritas
5. Нi вогню, нi меча... [Nor Fire, Nor Sword...]
6. AWOKE / INCOMING (Antarctic solitude)
7. Плюнуть и забыть [Spit And Forget]
8. Неизбежность [Inevitability]
9. La concupiscence [Lust]
10. Реинкарнация дум [Reincarnation Of Thoughts]

SVYATOGOR 2012 Word hard. Eat. Watch. by Svarga Music

SVYATOGOR 2012 "Doctor Veritas" by Svarga Music

It twists and turns all over the place and the musicianship really does impress.

Ave Noctum (UK, English, 7/10), April 2012

There is everything, there is harmony, there is fluidity of sound, there is epic magniloquence and evil Black Metal.

MetalHead Webzine (Italy, Italian, 7.5/10), April 2012

It’s pleasantly surprising. SVYATOGOR have taken two styles which, on their own, can be suffocating, i.e. boring, and blended them into a stimulating album well worth the time to listen to.

Voices from the Darkside (Germany, English), April 2012

The most amazing track is “La concupiscence” which is performed in French!

AtmosFear Zine (Ukraine, Russian, 8.5/10), May 2012

The truth is that these guys do not have any limits, and they don't seem to want do it anytime soon either, which is something that makes them outstand and also make about them a really unique band. A surprising album, of a well performed surprise.

Queens of Steel (Spain, Spanish, 8.5/10), April 2012

Svyatogor is a newcomer for which we definitely see a bright future ahead. Yes, these four thoroughly experienced guys know exactly how to make an interesting album from start to finish, without a single moment of monotony.

Rock Tribune (Belgium, Dutch, 85/100), May 2012

An album filled with original and a creative genius because SVYATOGOR drifts away from all the clichés of the genre and it is difficult to compare it to any other existing band. Recommend to all who are tired of hearing the same music again and again, but still remaining in the Extreme Metal range.

Metalland (France, French), April 2012

Enjoyable and crushing from start to finish, ‘Doctor Veritas’ is as close to aggressive perfection as you can be!

Destructive Music (UK, English, 9/10), April 2012