SVYATOGOR "Energy-Freedom: Force is Strong, Power is Imperious"

Style: Death Black Metal

Recorded: 2006

Released: 2009 (CD), 2011 (MC)

Avallable in our shop: Yes


Second album - more aggressive compared to the debut. The Death Metal parts give a solid base for this album, but still keeping enough of melodics.

1. Годы Идут [Years Go By]
2. Чёрные Сферы [Black Spheres]
3. Прозрение [Enlightenment]
4. Разорвав Жизнь [Having Broken Life Off]
5. Тролль [Troll]
6. Жаден Свет... [Greedy World...]
7. Голос Крови [The Voice of Blood]